Monday 9 November 2009

I get an email from the Bizz Awards people

In response to my email on 7th November, quoted verbatim:
Hi Rchard,

Ok sir, I respect your decision, therefore, I think in an investigation work, as you do, it´s important to have proves, and going to Houston was for you the opportunity to see what we do, and tell your public with proves what we do, as a good investigator, cos until now all what you say it´s according to what you think and according to companies who didn´t  trust us in a first place, but as you know, trust is really hard to get nowadays, don’t you think?

Then, if you remember, when I sent you information, there was a list of member companies of last years. I think the information was transparent, but why can´t you just contact them?

Finally, the real doubt you have about us is the selection process, but what about all the benefits we provide? I mean everything is negative in your blog when you talk about us. You actually kind of hide what we do avoiding talking about the benefits that we provide. Doing this is pretty close to defamation, right?

I mean there´s so much injustice in the world, so why don´t you  focus on them to really help people? Especially from your country.

You know, you make me think of the police when they arrest you for nothing, and when you need them they´re never around.
Well, i´m sorry to see that you don’t give me the chance to talk to you, it´s like you´re the judge and im the guilty one who can´t say a word cos you closed the case, this is a king of injustice, don’t you think?
Well, thank you anyway, I learn everyday, like now thanks to you, people who pretend to defend injustice are sometimes themselves part of it.

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