Thursday 12 November 2009

Carnival - An Update

Last week we published a story about a consumer who paid a P400 deposit for a bedroom suite from Carnival. It later transpired that the suite wasn’t in stock so the customer exercised her right to cancel the order. That’s when things allegedly went wrong and she had trouble getting her deposit back. However the good news is that at the last minute before submitting the article we heard that her deposit had been returned to her so she was happy again.

However we later received an email from someone at Carnival who didn’t identify him or herself. Just so you all know that there can be two sides to a story, this is what the email said. I’ve not changed anything in the email except to remove the name of the customer. I’ve also not changed the spelling, the grammar or the punctuation.
“This is referring to the article published on the voice news paper dated the 06/november/2009 carnival records shows that this reciept is for Mrs XXX even if the name on the published reciept was black highlighted and this is the only Mrs XXX the company dealt with for the wembley bedroom suite i would like to let you know that the information published is not the truth at all and would like to meet with the people who published this in the news paper before the company takes this matter up
i have called the telephone no 3904582 15 times  and received no answer
carnival manager”
Several points arise.
  1. You can’t tell us that we’ve got a story wrong but not explain how it was wrong. Please give us some details and we’ll be happy to put it right. 
  2. We have no idea who you are. 
  3. I’m very sorry about the phone problems. We did indeed have a problem on the day you emailed us but the lines were working again very quickly. 
  4. Finally, please have a look at your computer keyboard. Towards the bottom right corner you’ll find a key with a full stop on it. Is yours broken?
Anyway, we thought this problem was fixed? We had already spoken to the Managing Director of Carnival before you sent your email. He was very helpful and he ensured that the problem was sorted out. Anyway if you have a correction to our story please give us the details and we’ll be happy to publish it.

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