Saturday 22 October 2022

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When should they deduct?

Mr Harriman please help me. My phone hasn't been working well and I really needed a phone so the only option for me was to get a phone on credit. And I did, then comes payment time we agreed that they debit my account on the 21st of each month the first instalment being last month but they did not debit as agreed. On the 23rd September I receive a message stating that my account hasn't been paid and I have to make an urgent payment by the 25th September. I made a plan and went on the 24th September and paid cash. Before paying I told them it was supposed to have debited on the 21st September but it did not. They advised that I just pay cash because the system does that at times

Then to my surprise on the 26th September they debited the account after making me pay over the counter. I called them and told them how unhappy I am and I need the money as it was the only money I had for the independence holidays and I had to use it. So they kept on saying there is no refund at all once I have paid that's it. After 2 hours of arguing they then decide to ask me to come fill forms for a refund which they still need to ask for from South Africa and up to today they haven't given me my refund. Please help.

I think this store needs to learn a few things.

Firstly, they need to learn how to process payments. They need to take a very careful look at the processes they have for setting up these payments and making sure they work properly. Clearly they don't work properly today. They also need to take a very careful look at the way they deal with problems.

The mark of a really good organisation is that they look at their processes and system through the eyes of the customer. Do these processes only serve the company, or do they serve the customer as well?

I've heard from so many people like you, who have agreed with a supplier that payments will be deducted on a specific date but then the supplier decides to make the deductions on a different date, just for their own convenience. Whether it's a bank, an insurance or telecoms company or a technology store, it's disrespectful, rude and just wrong.

I contacted someone I know at the store and they alerted management. You'll get your money back in a day or two. I'm sorry it wasn't in time for the Independence celebrations.

Where's my refund?

On May 28th this year I bought a Kids tablet from a store in Sarona Mall for P850.

In June I returned it back as it was not working properly. They took it and promised to get back to me as they are taking it for repairs. A month passed but I kept on checking but got nothing from the Sales Rep. At some point she told me I must forget since it seemed I won't get it nor any refund.

Last week the owner of the shop is telling me stories that he still wants to see receipts and job cards from his office since he fired all staff. I called him today and he tells me that his partner is away outside the country so he will wait for to come next month. I am concerned, I just need a refund from them.

This company is treating you with complete disrespect and you've been patient enough. The situation is actually very simple. They sold you an item that was faulty and you returned it. They had the choice to repair it, replace it or refund you but what they chose instead was to do nothing.

That's obviously not good enough.

I really don't care about the problems they have within their company, about firing all their staff and about the partner being out of the country. None of that is relevant, none of it is important.

I contacted the store and they said they received your complaint and that "we have explained to her that unfortunately there was no paper trail of her tablet and the person who was assisting her left the job now verification of the device is still rough but we are working on it and we will call her very soon".

I don't care about their failure to keep paperwork and neither should you. They need to give you a complete refund or the world will soon know how much contempt they have for their customers.

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