Thursday, 8 January 2015

The AIDS "cure" Topvein has gone. Or has it?

In February last year we were alerted to a "cure" for AIDS.

Their web site, “AIDS Cure Found” claims that their product is a:
“scientifically tested herbal medicine that is used as the best alternative medicine in the treatment and cure of HIV and AIDS at 99% effective”.
One of their local distributors went this far when I asked if the product really cured AIDS.

Impressive you might think. They must have won several Nobel Prizes by now.

No, as you and I both know, they're just criminals peddling fake cures and they know it.

We contacted various people about this advertisement and the claims that had been made. Specifically we contacted the bank who held the account the Botswana representatives used to receive payments for this nonsense and also our friends in the Ministry of Health.

Yesterday I got a call from the Police.

It seems that the bank took this so seriously that they involved law enforcement. Unfortunately the Police couldn't find the Zambian national who was running the company here because it seems he's left the country (good riddance).

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health summoned the company that was selling Topvein in Botswana to a meeting and demanded that they stop selling this hogwash and making dangerous claims. The company was also instructed by the Ministry to remove the Botswana details from their advertising.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm not sure much has actually changed. The web site still shows contacts in Botswana.

One of these confirmed to me today that they are still selling Topvein and that it "gets rid of HIV".

So the battle continues. Back to the Police and Ministry of Health I think.

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