Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"IT Workshops" Can this company be trusted?

The saga of the failed laptop.

An email came in as follows:
"I bought a laptop at IT WORKSHOPS on the 12 February 2013 and within a week the laptop started to switch itself off and I called them and they asked me to come to their workshop. I went there and they took the laptop and promised to call me back but they didnt but I follwed them.....they promised to give me a different one and they didnt..

On the 13th May 2013 I went to their workshop they wrote me a letter promising to give me a laptop or my money back BEFORE the 18th May 2013 and they didnt.

On the 20th May I visited the CONSUMER AFFAIRS OFFICES ..... they called them but still they were promising to pay my money back but still the didnt make it .......

On the 28 June they paid P600 after consumer affairs officers went to them...and they promised that they will pay the balance P1100 THE NEXT TUESDAY but they didnt up to now...

So I sent a text message to the contact number for IT Workshops and below you can see the entire exchange below (unedited except for removing names and bank details and inserting [***] whenever he made a promise that he later broke). IT Workshops' responses are in blue.
29th July 2013
Hi. This is Richard Harriman from Consumer Watchdog, we have consumer advice columns in The Voice and Mmegi each week. [Name removed] contacted us about the refund for her laptop. When will she receive it? Please respond urgently for publication by email to watchdog@bes.bw or SMS. Thanks. Richard

She already went to consumer council and we paid her 600 a month ago. We didnt have money during the moƱth but she can pick her balance tomorow 2pm [***]

Thanks for the update. She's in Francistown currently, could you pay it into her bank account?

Ya tomorow. [***] You can ask her to forwad the details

Bank: [removed]. Branch: [removed] Account number: [removed] Account name: [removed]
Will you let me know when the deposit has been made?

Ya [***]

30th July 2013
Did you make the payment yet?

Stil awiting the customer has confirmed being On the way with cash

I don't understand. Who is on the way to where?

My customer. He is coming to make a payment

How is that relevant to her refund?

I make money from other customers and thats how it becomes relevanT to this refund. Im depositin tomorow morning coz im now geting cash while banks are closed

Is that 100% certain?


31st July 2013
Did you make the payment today?

Did you make the payment today?

I believe that no payment has been made today, despite your assurances? I'll suggest that she seeks an order from the Small Claims Court as soon as possible and will be publishing the story in a forthcoming newspaper column.

Tomorow by 12 failure u can just go ahead i would have faild and i cnt stop u

1st August 2013
May you please do me a favor and forwad the bank details

Bank: [removed] Branch: [removed] town. Account number: [removed] Account name: [removed] Will you let me know when the deposit has been made?

When will the payment be made?

Has the money been paid to her account?

Got p900 il give her p200 on monday.

Did you pay the P900 into her account?


6th August 2013
Have you paid the remaining P200 yet?

Have you paid the remaining P200 yet?

I'm told that you have not paid back the remaining P200. Please confirm?

7th August 2013
Il chek tomorow i had left an instruction. Do u have to be texting me off business hours like this??

When will you pay her the remaining amount?

8th August 2013

Guaranteed? Cash or directly into her bank?

By any means

9th August 2013
Did she get her money?

Did she get her money?

13th August 2013
Has she had her P200 yet?
I think I know someone who can't be trusted, don't you?

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Michael Fenton said...

This is why I wont sell second hand laptops. I will do my utmost to source the best price I an for customers but if you insist on a second hand laptop I can only guarantee the software. This guy messed up by selling a faulty/dodgy laptop and then spending the cash. I assume it wasn't a new laptop?