Friday, 31 May 2013

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Dear Consumer’s Voice

My story is I booked a date with P2,000 for use of tents for wedding celebrations. The agreement was that I will get tables with umbrellas but at the time of agreement, tables were not yet available. The written quotation did not include umbrellas. I was promised that the tables shall be availed with umbrellas. During the follow ups the umbrellas were said to be unavailable and I was given a go ahead to look for the new suppliers. I wanted to reclaim my money but through our arguments we reached a consensus that they will refund P1,600. Until now I haven’t received anything. They’re saying I will only get the money when they have generated enough cash but no deadlines set.

I just wanted to know the legal proceedings to this matter, if you were to help are you going to charge me and if so how much.

I’m not sure why you agreed to a refund of only P1,600 when they actually gave you nothing for your money? You deserve the full P2,000 without any nonsense about them not having “generated enough cash”. They breached the contract they had with you and they’ve breached the Consumer Protection Regulations as well by not offering you a full refund.

I suggest that you write or fax them a letter saying that they completely failed to offer the service you paid for and that you require a full refund from them within 7 days or you’ll take whatever legal action you feel is necessary.

If they fail to respond fully you should go to the Small Claims Court with all the paperwork you can find and present your case. See what they think about a company that refuses to give a full refund to a customer who has been abused!

One last thing. We don’t charge consumer anything. Not ever. We never have done, we don’t now and we won’t ever.

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