Wednesday 24 April 2013

TVI Express - the founder behind bars?

Tarun Trikha.
Image c/o Daily Mail India
Tarun Trikha, the crook behind the TVI Express pyramid scheme has new accommodation.

A police cell.

According to the Daily Mail India Trikha was arrested when he arrived at Delhi airport, following charges laid against him by a variety of victims.
"A lookout notice was issued for him since he was on the run since 2011. He was arrested at the Delhi airport while trying to flee to Nepal," said Syed Waqar Raza, special superintendent of police, West Bengal CID.
There's a even a report that his entire family are under investigation for their role in the fraud.

It's just a shame it's too late for his various victims. It's a shame that the the people running the scheme in Botswana weren't all made to pay back the money they knowingly took from other victims.

It's also a shame that the authorities in Botswana didn't follow the examples of their cousins in Namibia, Lesotho, the US State of Georgia, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa and DID something to protect their people.

TVI Express: Screwing Up Lives Globally

"Knowingly"? Isn't that going too far? They knew they were involved in a scam? They didn't recognise a pyramid scheme when they saw it? When they were involved in it? When the clues were so obvious that it was a scam? Even to the TVI Express recruiters here in Botswana like the ones that appeared on radio opposing me and proceeded to lie, distort and makes fools of themselves.

Which part of this does NOT look like a pyramid scheme?

Ok, "knowingly or stupidly".

The tragedy is that are no doubt TVI Express organisers still out there imagining that they'll get their money and effort back somehow.

[Thanks, as always, to the ever resourceful Kasey Chang for the news.]

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GuyReviews said...

It's sorta ironic that you had aviation news to follow up. It seems Tarun Trikha launched "Pacific Royale Airways" in Indonesia as some sort of money laundering scheme by hiring an ex-airline exec and bought two cheap prop commuters (Fokker F40). That's the PR photo you saw. The figurehead CEO quit in August 2012, and airline folded back in October 2012 (unknown if they made ANY flights) because they didn't hire mechanics and both planes were grounded for maintainence issues.