Thursday, 4 April 2013

Three Link Connection abandon a meeting because of me (updated)

A few days ago I was invited by one of the victims of the Three Link Connection scam to a meeting that was being held by the local organisers. The victims said:
"I am one of the people who have invested in this company. I lost a lot of money and am still struggling to get up after that blow. The people who were at the 'top' who all along had no answers for us have suddenly called a meeting to be held on Sat 23 at Wimpy western Bypass at 11 am. If you can, plis attend so you can meet the people who misled Batswana and maybe hear what empty promises they will be giving us this time around or another scheme to get more money from us.

I am hoping you will come even if you 'told us so'......"
Unfortunately it wasn't that simple.

I introduced myself to someone I thought might be involved and he confirmed I was in the right place with the right people. However he and another guy were very concerned that I had been invited. It was "a private meeting" they said. it was made very clear I wasn't welcome. So I had a coffee and watched through the window. After they had a hasty conversation they all suddenly left.

One of the organisers, "John", came over to me before he left and said he wanted to talk some more at my office about Three Link Connection. He flatly denied that it was a scam and agreed with Daisy Mogale, the person at the top who I spoke to a couple of months ago. She told me then that “They’re all liars! All of them in Botswana are liars!” when I mentioned the number of complaints we'd had. John even claimed he was with Daisy when I called her.

So we'll see if John gets in touch. We'll see if he wants to put his side of the story. We'll see if any of the "investors" ever get their money back.

I doubt it.

Crooks don't give refunds.

P.S. No, I don't feel bad abut taking their picture. "John" took plenty of me as well!


One of the people who attended this meeting emailed me and said:
"The meeting was moved from Wimpy to a venue in Mogoditshane. The meeting organizers were not happy that someone had invited you. Anyway the bottom line is we are expected to give them more money to release our initial investment money. The Mogoditshane meeting was very chaotic and the details were not very clear as the organizer was not given much chance to explain how this was going to work."
That's a fairly common scam tactic. Once you've scammed someone and stolen their money you do your very best to get even more out of them. At least this group of victims seem more savvy now!

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