Monday, 14 May 2012

McGraw "University", another fake

We received an email today which asked:
"I am a bit confused, i am about registering trought MCGRAW University, Telephone number: 18664974901, is this a recognised University, and please let me know on how one can check international universities accreditation"
The same person had previously emailed us asking about "OLWA University", another fake.

Here's a simple tip. If a "university" says you can get a degree in 10 days without doing any exams, coursework or classes then they are liars, they're a fake university. I had the following conversation online with "McGraw University" this afternoon.
Please wait for a Student Counselor to respond.
You are now chatting with 'A.G.Murphy'
A.G.Murphy: hello
Me: hi
Me: How long does it take to get a degree from Mcgraw University?
A.G.Murphy: 10 days

Me: how can it be done so quickly?
A.G.Murphy: the objective of this program is to award a degree on the basis of your work/life experience and the knowledge that you already have
A.G.Murphy: without having to attend any classes or go through any exams, you may apply for your degree based on practical work/life experience that you have gained so far
A.G.Murphy: if you qualify, you become eligible to earn your fully accredited degree or diploma from University which has worldwide acceptance
How difficult is it to understand?


janine said...

I researched this "University" for a bit until I had to conclude that McGraw University is an absolute scam. But a scary one... You have to scroll through at least 17 pages on a google search to figure it out. The web is filled with positive write-ups from people who actually "graduated from the place. If you read the actual links they mostly lead to the same place. They "own" a lot of websites!!!!!! So it might give you the impression that they are real. The US education department should protect us from such schemes not?

Tahir said...

if you look at Panworld, Northernport and McGraw you will figure out that it is on the same format, same theme even the same tags...same inner pages and ofcourse the same textual content...another work of Shoaib.A.Sheikh and Axact Pakistan no doubt!