Tuesday, 10 April 2012

WorldVentures - NOT the route to financial freedom!

Yet another Get Rich Quick scheme on Facebook. "Would you like to have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life?", it asks. "Would you like to achieve true financial freedom? find out how!"

This time it's WorldVentures, yet another travel discount voucher, along the same lines as TVI Express. They're the ones who, bizarrely, took over Success University, a pyramid scheme that based it's con on educational, personal growth claptrap.

WorldVentures, like Herbalife and Amway, are required to disclose the income figures for their "Independent Sales Representatives". Their figures for 2008 figures show, for instance that less than 30% of these reps earn any income from their WorldVentures efforts. The median income for these people is a pathetic $100. Note that like Amway and Herbalife those figures are "income", not profit. As WorldVentures themselves say:
"These figures do not represent Representatives’ profits; they do not consider expenses incurred by Representatives in the promotion of their business."
In other words on average you lose money with WorldVentures. Some do OK though. Half of ALL the income made by WorldVentures is earned by the top 0.5% of the representatives. 80% of all the earnings goes to the top 4% in the pyramid.

Unless you want to throw your money away, I suggest you steer well clear of WorldVentures.


GuyReviews said...

World Ventures is a TVI Express clone. Here's a list I compiled almost two years ago:

Pyxism -- no comment
Dream Vacation Club / Revolving Relay -- based on Seychelles, no comment
DreamStyle Vacation -- based in San Antonio TX, no comment
Club Seabreeze -- no comment
World Ventures -- based in Plano, TX, no comment
YTB / Zamzuu -- sued by two US states as pyramid scheme, settled by getting out and paid big fines
Royal Cruise Matrix -- no comment
Business in Motion -- based on Canada, sued by RCMP as pyramid scheme
Silverline Club -- no comment

There are many many more.

Anonymous said...

A must read for anyone considering MLM! Note Worldventures only 1 in 3,333 actually make money.


WorldVentures figures (2008):

Estim. min. annual costs of Rep for effective recruitment campaign:

Level at and above which net profits possible:
Senior Representative

Approx. % of active participants at that level or above

Maximum Retention rate

Approx. % of all partic’s that could have profited from participation:
0.03% (0.0003) – or 1 in 3,333 profits

Approx. % of all partic’s who lost money
99.97% lost money in WorldVentures