Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fraud from RISE University. Again

More nonsense from the fake "RISE University". An email arrives to one of my fake identities as follows:
"Welcome to RISE University!

RISE University has years of reputation for providing quality yet affordable education through a wide array of degree and diploma programmes as a pathway to academic and professional success.

Queen's Scholarship

Driven by the aim of providing quality yet affordable education, RISE University is offering Queen's Scholarship to students having exceptional academic profile and/or extensive work experience. Qualifying students will receive up to £10,700 in funding, which can be utilized to pay the fee of chosen programme."
Later in the email they describe themselves as "RISE University - Finest in UK Education" and "accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO)".

This fake scholarship can save me a fortune, they say:
Bachelors Programme Fee
£ 5,600
Less: Queen's Scholarship
£ 4,700
Programme Fee after Scholarship
£ 900
Enrollment Fee
£ 99
Total Payable Fee:
£ 999
Let's be clear. "RISE University" is s fake university. Let's go through the clues.
  • The IAO is a fake accreditation organisation.
  • RISE University steals people's money.
  • Despite claiming to be in the UK and quoting prices in British Pounds, they are not a registered company in the UK.
  • They are not recognized by UCAS.
  • Despite claiming to have existed online since 2002, in fact the domain was only registered on 19 July 2008.
  • Above all, they offer degrees based on life experience.
They're fake and anyone who get s fake qualification from them is a fake as well.

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