Monday, 19 September 2011

A phone call from "Fundación Donaciones Humanitarias"

I got a call this afternoon, all the way from Hawaii, from "Sir Edward Cooper" who it is claimed operates this donor organisation, the "Fundación Donaciones Humanitarias".

He wasn't too happy that I'd suggested he's a scammer. However, despite saying clearly that he's genuine he wasn't able to give me any evidence of that, any reason why I should believe him. To begin with he refused to say where the truly staggering amount of US$ 800 Billion would come from. He couldn't explain why a private donor would give a country twice it's GDP as a gift. He certainly couldn't explain why an organisation with that amount of money had never been heard of before.

He denied the report in a City Press article a few months ago that he was connected with a scam calling itself the "Pureheart Foundation".

He also seemed a bit confused when I asked him about his knighthood. I asked him who had knighted him. "Queen Elizabeth" he said. I suggested that this wasn't true, there's no record of that. He then said that he didn't mean Queen Elizabeth, the British Queen, he meant the Queen of Hawaii. I seem to recall that the USA doesn't have Kings and Queens any more?

He also refused to tell me what his nationality might be, other than that he isn't an American citizen.

He couldn't explain why the potential recipient of this donation, the South African Government, think he's a scammer. He did say that he'd met President Zuma though. He also said that he'd been in contact with the Government of Botswana about the donation but couldn't tell me who he spoke to. It was funny when he started name-dropping about Botswana. He mentioned "Mr Khama" and "Mr Merafhe". He was clearly reading from the Botswana Wikipedia page.

He couldn't, in fact, give me any reason, to believe anything he said. Finally, he promised that he would provide evidence in due course but wouldn't say when or how. He did, however threaten me with legal action although he didn't tell me what for. Apparently I'm going to have egg on my face soon because of my lies.

My lies? That's funny!


GuyReviews said...

Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrow in... 1893.

And they sure don't "knight" anybody. That's purely an European thing.

Nick Alexander said...

@Kasey Change. After the apology bill in 1993, they were given the Kingdom back. Sovereignty hasn't been given back due to a little supreme court order shortly after, so technically the Kingdom of Hawaii is still considered "In Exile" even though they are recognized by the UK and UN (where they hold seat#25 at the Geneva office).

Richard Harriman said...

Nonsense. The "Apology Bill" was just an apology, nothing more. The "Kingdom of Hawaii" has no recognition anywhere, by anyone. They certainly do NOT have representation at the UN and are not recognised by either the UK or the UN.

GuyReviews said...

While the "Kingdom of Hawaii" exists in name, practically it has no power, and search of various websites on this issue, such as

and so on

have yet to yield a single hit on the term "knight" except in historical treaties.

The closest hit was Wikipedia entry about an award that was last issued, again, in the 1860's.

I have sent an e-mail to His Majesty's staff seeking confirmation or denial.