Sunday, 31 October 2010

IMTA - the "International Modeling and Talent Association"

It looks like Consumer Watchdog isn't the only one concerned by IMTA whose local agents are running auditions in Botswana.
  • This is the web page that sparked our reader's curiosity and skepticism.  This includes the NY Post report that suggests that the affiliates are paid commission to bring aspiring models to the IMTA conventions that costs so much.
  • Modeling Scams has an entire page devoted to conventions like the ones IMTA run.
  • Someone claiming to have worked in the fashion industry explains how it really works.
  • Others have wondered whether IMTA conventions are worth the money.
  • Some victims have discussed their experiences.
  • Then there are many reports claiming that certain IMTA affiliates seem to be less than trustworthy.
  • Finally a report on MSNBC about one victim's experience of an affiliate in the USA and IMTA.
Is that enough to get you suspicious?

P.S. Still no response yet from the local franchisee of the South African IMTA affiliate on whether her company actually exists yet.

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