Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TVI Express - an update

Two weeks ago we warned people not to get involved with a pyramid scheme calling itself TVI Express. One of their local distributors got in touch to suggest that they are a legitimate business and not a pyramid scheme at all. First point. We always welcome feedback, whether you agree with what we say or not. Second point. I disagree. A pyramid scheme is characterised by focussing more on earnings from recruitment of people beneath you rather than on an actual product. That’s what you get with TVI Express, particularly as there is no real product, only discount vouchers. Discounts aren’t products or services. You have to spend money in order to receive the discount. TVI Express only offer you the chance to make money if you recruit people into the pyramid.

Finally, it’s not just Consumer Watchdog that believes TVI Express is a pyramid scheme. In May the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission obtained restraining orders against three people who were trying to recruit victims into TVI Express over there.

Meanwhile we needn’t worry too much. TVI is already scaling back it’s operations and is being overtaken by it’s replacement, an almost identical pyramid scheme called Pyxism, also available here in Botswana and also a pyramid scheme.

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