Monday, 29 March 2010

An open message to HomeChoice

[This was emailed to HomeChoice last week, no response yet. I think it’s perfectly simple, don’t you?]

Some while ago we contacted HomeChoice both in Botswana and South Africa suggesting that you address the content of your advertisements in Botswana.

As you will recall from my earlier emails the Control of Goods (Marking of Goods) Regulations 1974 states:
"6. Goods sold on hire-purchase
Where goods are offered for sale on hire-purchase terms or by way of credit-sale or on any other terms as to deferred payment the following details shall be displayed in addition to the prescribed details and in characters of similar size—
(a) the amount of any deposit;
(b) the amount of each instalment;
(c) the frequency of instalments;
(d) the total number of instalments; and
(e) the total amount to be paid by way of deposit and instalments."
As I write this I have a HomeChoice advertisement that was distributed in a Botswana newspaper today in front of me. It contains clear references to items (b) and (d) and item (c) is implied but, critically, no reference is made anywhere to the "total amount to be paid".

Your advertisement is therefore not in compliance with Botswana law.

Given that we have informed you about this issue in the past and that (with one exception) all other furniture stores in Botswana have decided to act in accordance with the law, I think it is fair to publish these facts in the media.

I would welcome your response.

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