Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dalberto Sponsors - an update

On the Dalberto Sponsors they show a photo of someone they claim is "Adam Sewall".  "Adam" is described as and they show his picture:
Adam Sewall earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Binghamton University, in Binghamton, New York. He earned his law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, in Cleveland, Ohio, where he served as Managing Editor for Health Matrix : Journal of Law-Medicine.

Mr. Sewall began working in the field of immigration law as a law clerk in a private law practice in New York City. Upon admission to the bar, he travelled to United Kingdom to join Dalberto Sponsors and help clients as an immigration lawyer. Attorney Sewell has represented clients applying for nonimmigrant visas and permanent residence. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, and Maryland State Bar Association. Mr. Sewell also worked as law clerk for New York City’s Department of Homeless Services.

Adam entered the immigration law field to pursue his interest in assisting individuals in the critical and complex legal matters affecting their lives.
However, here's a curious thing.   Here's another picture of someone strikingly similar.  However this is Kwame Kilpatrick, the disgraced former mayor of Detroit.

Of course there IS no Adam Sewall, it's just a made-up name with a picture stolen from a web site.  There's no connection to Kwame Kilpatrick at all.  However it is ironic that they've stolen a picture of a disgraced, corrupt, criminal politician, don't you think?

Rest assured that every other picture on their web site will be fake as well.  That's because everything about Dalberto Sponsors is fake.

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Bravo, consumer watchdog!