Saturday 30 September 2023

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Why the delay?

I need your help. I sent an email to my insurance company cancelling my policy on August 14th 2023. I made an enquiry on the cancelation on the 18th of September and the responsible people do not respond to my emails. I managed to get hold of a lady yesterday and she said the procedure is that when they receive the email they print and hand to a certain department. Just now I made a follow up and she was surprised that the department never called me. She checked my email and she just said it had no attachment. Something that I believe could have been communicated on the 16th of August when she read my email as per the read receipt that I received. How do I go about this because the service provider did not advise me accordingly on time and they are still deducting money on my account.

Firstly, I like the fact that you set up your email to them to include a read receipt. That way you could be certain if they received the email and that someone read it. Smart move!

I think we need to remind this insurance company who their customer is? Who's paying for the service? Who deserves some reasonable customer service? Yes, you admit that you forgot to attach a document to your email, but we've all done that. You've probably received an email with a missing attachment as well and I bet you replied immediately and told the sender what happened? It's what polite people do.

I'll get in touch with the company and see if they can't recognise that they owed you much better treatment than this. I also suggest that you write them another email (with a read receipt request) and demand that they backdate your cancellation to August. I think it's only polite and reasonable.

What can I do with this slow laptop?

I need help. I bought my daughter a HP Laptop at certain shop in Gaborone for P4,000. When we tested it it was slow. We end up taking it but the child suffered to use until we returned it. When we get there they wanted to give us another one it took time to be on so I decided I need money since it's doing the same thing. They are refusing to give money just because in their papers I signed I can't return it and if I do I have to get something else and there is nothing I need in the shop. I need money to go buy somewhere else. They said the laptop is new but I think it's not. How may I get my money back since my daughter needs a laptop for her course? Those are crooks they knew and admit the laptop is not working well but they don't want refund.

Please help I'm so frustrated by this issue.

Unfortunately I suspect this might be difficult. It's incredibly important, whenever you buy something technological, to do your research first, before you hand over your money. That applies to cellphones, cars and computers, anything that isn't understood by most of us. Every time we buy anything like this, if we're not an expert, we must get advice from someone who is.

When buying a computer it's really important to make sure the model you choose matches your requirements. Your friendly expert will ask you what you plan to do with the device, what you can afford to spend and they'll be able to point you in the direction of the right device.

I suspect you didn't have the chance to do this and you're paying the price for that. It doesn't help that this store seems unhelpful and untrustworthy. I also suspect that the laptop isn't new. Even the cheapest of modern laptops will allow the average user to do most things. This sounds like an older model.

I'll contact the store and see if they can explain themselves.

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