Saturday 15 July 2023

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They can't tell my children apart!

Hello Richard. I have an issue with my medical aid and I'm not sure if it's your jurisdiction to provide help.

I have twin boys who happen to be beneficiaries. They have similar first names and other different middle names. The system the way it's configured is that when they register a person they use the first 3 letters of their name as the ID.

Now since my boys have similar names they now have the first 3 letters looking the same. It's unfortunate that when they are not well It happens at the same time. When it's time to claim the system won't claim for the other twin because it's like they are making claiming for the same person twice. So the system automatically rejects the second claim. Unless you now claim under a different beneficiary with a different date of when they joined the medical aid.

I have taken it up with the medical aid in Francistown and they told me it's either I change the name of the other twin so that they can claim at the same time. I was against the idea because I believe they should make it happen that every beneficiary gets what they deserve without compromising their names.

They told me they have asked the service providers to process the claims manually which they can't do because they say the system rejects them. It's always a struggle to have the other twin claiming when they are not well.

This is incredible. It's insane. It's also incompetent.

Let's start with the Consumer Protection Act. Section 14 (1) of the Act says that when a supplier: 
"undertakes to perform any services for or on behalf of a consumer, the consumer has a right to … performance of the services in a manner and quality that consumers are reasonably entitled to expect".
In simple terms (so simple that even this medical aid can understand) it means they should be able to tell that you have two children, not one.

I contacted the company and asked them to investigate. I'm telling them here in The Voice that in return for a very large amount of money I'll give them some advice, based on many years experience of IT business systems, on how they can develop a better way of identifying all their members and dependents. It should take me about 15 seconds but clearly it's worth the investment. (Sorry Editor for the advertisement.)

Can I get my money back?

Good day. I would like to ask for some assistance and maybe help me understand something here. I did an account to start trading but because I don't have much experience I asked someone to manage it. This is my first time meeting him and I invested $20 into the account amounting to P277.13 at the time. He didn't lay down any terms and conditions but only that ''Risk free target is triple invested amount'' of which I believe it means guaranteed less risks if not zero risk. And after 42 hours of not communicating he says he lost all the money. Besides the profit he had said we would share 50/50 he lost even my investment. Please help me here. Even on his profile you will see the account management business. Am I wrong to want at the very least a proper feedback and my $20?

Unfortunately I don't think I can offer you any good news. You've been scammed. Nobody can guarantee profits in any scheme and certainly not with forex trading. Anyone who guarantees you can triple your money from forex trading is lying to you. Or they know nothing about forex trading. Either way they can't be trusted with your money.

I think the first thing you should do is accept that you lost your money. Luckily you only lost a small amount compared to the amount this guy probably wanted to take from you. The second thing you should do is speak to NBFIRA and get their advice. I don't think they'll get your money back but they might be able to stop him scamming other people.

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