Saturday 31 July 2021

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Can I return the laptop?

I purchased a laptop and when I got home I checked and saw that this PC is very slow. I can't use it. The following day I went back to the shop to return it and get my refund. The shop return policy is after 24 hours u pay 25% for handling charges and I got there before 24 hours. When i got to the shop I was told to go back and come back on Saturday since the bosses were not there. Yesterday I went back to get my refund they are telling me the boss is still not there he can't speak because he tested covid positive so that means if i want a refund they will get 25% of the money or negotiate to 18%. I told him I came before 24 hours last time to return it.

He then told me again he won't take the PC since it had a dent on the keyboard .I told him that when I got the PC I asked you about this small dent and you told me it was because it has been on display for too long. We asked his workers if they remember this dent he told them to keep quiet and even chased them away so they wont say anything with some threats. So he is giving us many stories because he doesn't want to give back the money. I ended up recording the whole conversation and when I left I took the PC away and asked one of his workers about this dent she now admitted this was there. If they say something they will be chased away so they are supposed to take his side. So I don't know what to do to get my money back and return the laptop. Is there any way to get my full refund without cutting off 25% since I came before 24 hours and get my money back? Please help me.

I think I need to speak to the store manager. I think I need to explain in very simple terms how many parts of the Consumer Protection Act he's ignoring. He sold you a laptop that clearly isn't up to the task. You sent me technical details of the device and it was very clear that this is a reasonably up-to-date, quite powerful device and there's no good reason that it's running so slowly. Something is wrong with your laptop and Section 15 (1) of the Act says that you are entitled "to receive goods which are of good quality, in good working order and free of defects". Section 16 then says that if an item isn't satisfactory the consumer can return it and "repair or replace the defective goods … or refund the consumer the amount already paid".

Is that too complicated for him to understand? I'll try and explain it to him in very simple terms.

Where's my money?

Hello Richard! I took a loan from a payday lender and we both agreed they get their money straight from my salary and the loan ended on June. Today I got paid and they still deducted money from me! When I call them they are telling me I should wait until Friday so they check if the money is reflecting on their side. I cannot wait as I need the money to buy medicine as I am on isolation for Covid. I have proof in my payslip that they deducted my money but still they refuse to return it immediately. They changed dates now, they are saying Monday! I really need the money.

I don't understand how they managed to deduct this month without my consent. Not only do I have to buy medicine but I have stop orders tomorrow that will fail because of their incompetence.

I agree about the word 'incompetence'. Lenders like this one seem to forget that what seems like a small amount to them means a lot to you and me. They also forget that often the impact of their mistakes with our money costs us dearly. We have rent, other loans, bills, food and medicine bills to pay.

Update: I contacted the lender and I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but they repaid the amount they'd taken within 24 hours.

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