Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another fake "university" - Creek Newfield "University"

It's been a while since we've found a new fake university. I sometimes wondered if the fake university industry might have moved on to better things. But no, they're still here.

An email came in from "Creek Newfield University". Their email said:
"Creek Newfield University is offering its popular Fast Track Graduate Program under which you can earn an Accredited Degree on the basis of your prior experience and knowledge within 15 Days!"
Just 15 days? I thought it was worth checking so I clicked on their Live Chat link and had the following conversation.
Dennis Taylor: Hi how can i assist you today ?..
[Me]: Hi. I need to get a Masters in Clinical Psychology as quickly as possible for a promotion.
Dennis Taylor: Alright
Dennis Taylor: How many years of Working Experience you have?
[Me]: 31 years
Dennis Taylor: Great.
Dennis Taylor: In which Field
[Me]: Working in HR.
Dennis Taylor: University will convert your Working Experience in to credit Hours and awarded you with a Degree
[Me]: That's great.
[Me]: Do I need to do any exams?
Dennis Taylor: No,
[Me]: Any coursework?
Dennis Taylor: No, University will be taking care of That,
Dennis Taylor: but you need to take care of the Thesis and Research WOrk.
[Me]: I must do a thesis and research?
Dennis Taylor: If you want, then Prof. will write a Thesis on your behalf
Dennis Taylor: and will send to you in email.
[Me]: How much will this cost me?
Dennis Taylor: Only $799 for the entire Process
[Me] So I just pay you $799 and I get a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology without doing any work?
Dennis Taylor: Yes.
A degree in return for money and nothing else? No exams, no coursework, no research, no dissertations, no work at all. They'll even write my thesis for me? Do you need to know anything else? I could tell you about how their domain was first registered only three weeks ago. I could talk about the fake accreditation bodies they claim approved them. I could mention that they don't appear to employ any lecturers. But I don't need to, all you need to know is that they sell degrees to people not entitled to them.

Creek Newfield "University" is yet another bogus establishment selling worthless degrees. Please don't waste your money and don't take the risk of being exposed as a fraud if you buy one of their fake qualifications.

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