Tuesday 13 October 2015

Karatbars - They're back!

Someone alerted me to an advertisement on Facebook.

It started with a very nice image.

And then there was this.

So obviously you click on that link and you end up here:

The opening paragraph says:
"I want to share with you something that is already changing the financial world, as we know it, forever. When I discovered it for the first time, I was blown away - and I do not get blown away easily.

A few moths [sic] ago I teamed up with top international cashflow creation experts to develop a program, which enables us to create unlimited cashflow, and we are now ready to share it with you."
You know already, don't you, that there's something fishy going on when you see a phrase like "enables us to create unlimited cashflow"? And you know that whenever someone who has discovered an amazing money-making scheme wants "to share it with you" you have to ask yourself why?

Another clue is when he says:
"Please don't send me a message asking me what this is about. Just follow the steps if you want to know what it is about!"
Here's a free tip. Any money-making schemes that is secretive has something to hide.

This is what you're meant to do:
"Step 1 – Click on the GOLD link below and join my Gold Club now for free. When landing on the page, go to registrations and register as an "AFFILIATE". 
      GOLD LINK http://bit.ly/GoldRuleClub 
Step 2 – After you completed Steps 1 the system will notify me and I will send you another link, which will give you access to our free online training material and to our popular full day CASHFLOW Training Workshops."
And guess where that takes you?

Remember Karatbars? That was the pyramid scheme based on the sale of micro-quantities of gold.

That would be gold, the price of which has been steadily dropping over the last four years?

Source: gold price.org
The same scheme whose salespeople on Botswana claimed had been endorsed by Consumer Watchdog?

Of course that was a lie.

I think you know what to do, don't you? Save your money, time and effort.

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