Friday 19 June 2015

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Is this a real job?

I received an email last week from Total Exploration and production Qatar. I applied to be a Senior Driller and they offer me salary of $19,800 per month. I filled an interview form last week and sent them my certificates and a copy of passport. They say they can’t interview me because of network problems. I would like to know if its legit.

[This is how the email began.]
“After evaluation of your application by the screening and selection panel at our Headquarters, I am pleased to inform you that your application has been approved and you have been offered employment in our reputable company here in Qatar.”
[They had earlier said:]
“Due to low voice quality in telephone interviews and Communication problems, we have deemed it necessary for the interview to be conducted online to avoid inadequacies.”
This is certainly a scam.

Let’s face some simple facts. Real companies don’t offer highly paid jobs to people that they haven’t interviewed face to face. Even in these days of Skype there will always be an “in person” interview. When they say that “due to low voice quality in telephone interviews and Communication problems" and that they want to do things “online” they are covering up the fact that they are not a real company without a real office. They are covering up what they really look like.

Then there’s the salary. They say they’re offering you a salary of $19,800, housing allowance of $2,900, “Educational Assistance Benefit” of $2,380 and many other benefits. That all amounts to over P3 million per year. As a driller?

This is all about an “advance fee” that they will demand from you. It will probably be a fee for your visa that they’ll claim you need to pay yourself. That’s what the entire scam is about. Once you pay this they’ll then demand more and more money until either you realise you’re being scammed or you run out of money.

I suggest that you delete any emails you get from them or just tell them that you now know they’re running a scam.

Is EmGoldex real?

I was invited to a presentation given by EmGoldex in Gaborone. Do you think it’s real?

EmGoldex is a pyramid scheme.

The people marketing EmGoldex say that their scheme is an “Online Store for Buy & Sell of Gold Bars from 1-100grams which have the purest rate of 999.9% or 24k Gold”. This is curious because since 2012 the price of gold has been steadily dropping and shows no signs of increasing. This is NOT the time to be buying gold.

In fact the gold is just there to lure you into the pyramid. What they really want is for you to recruit people beneath you and for them to recruit others beneath them. As every one joins money will flow up the pyramid, promising you a small cut but like all other pyramid schemes the people at the top will make all the money. You’ll never recover your joining fee from the trickle of money that will pass by you.

Various authorities around the world have issued warnings urging people to avoid the scheme. The Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines warned Filipinos in March to avoid the scheme and the claims that they could make profits of 500-1,000%. The Superintendence of Companies of Colombia ordered the company to immediately cease operations. In October last year the Secretary of State in Massachusetts, USA filed fraud charges against the people operating EmGoldex.

Please don’t waste your time, energy and money from this illegal pyramid scheme.

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