Monday, 16 February 2015

Yet another fake university - Kentsbridge "University"

And another fake university emerges, this time calling itself "Kentsbridge University".

They appear to operate from a web site that was only registered for the first time on 29th November last year.

As always the best clues are to be found in the online conversation you can have with one of their "advisors".
David Vincent: Hello there
David Vincent: How are you doing today ?
[Me]: I'm very good thanks
David Vincent: Great
David Vincent: how may I assist you ?
[Me]: There is a vacancy in my department in a hospital that I want to apply for but it needs a Masters degree. How long does it take to get a Masters from you?
David Vincent: It would take 20-25 days to have it delivered to you
[Me]: Oh wow, thats' quick. Must I sit any exams?
David Vincent: It depends on your profile
David Vincent: if you have sufficient experience in the filed then you dont need to sit ina ny examination
[Me]: What experience do I need?
David Vincent: What program you are looking to enrolled in ?
[Me]: MBA Health Care Administration
David Vincent: OK, how many years of an experience do you have ?
[Me]: I've been working for 10 years.
David Vincent: Impressive
[Me]: Is that enough experience?
David Vincent: you can go ahead and get a Degree from us on basis of your working experience
David Vincent: Yes, for Masters Degree its enough
[Me]: A masters degree so I can get the promotion?
David Vincent: Indeed
[Me]: How much coursework must I do?
David Vincent: You dont need to
David Vincent: you will get the Degree on basis of your working experience
David Vincent: what we will do, is we convert your working experience into the college credits
David Vincent: on basis of that we can award you with the Traditional Degree
Interestingly this one is even prepared to haggle over the price.
[Me]: How much will this cost me?
David Vincent: which would be verified as a regular Degree that you have gone through online courses and classes
David Vincent: total one time payable fee is $1299.00
[Me]: That's a lot of money.
[Me]: Sorry, I don't think I can afford that.
David Vincent: How much is your budget ?
David Vincent: What is the maximum you can afford ?
[Me]: Around $500.
David Vincent: make it $600 and we can proceed
I don't think any further evidence is needed, do you? Real universities offer qualifications based coursework and exams, not just cash. Kentsbridge "University" is a fake.

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