Tuesday 25 March 2014

A response from Woolworths

Following our observations on the price markups at Woolworths branches throughout Botswana (which can be up to 97%) we wrote to Woolworths Head Office in South Africa and asked for their comments.

Today we received a response from John Fraser, Divisional Executive: International, which went like this:
“We are aware of customer queries regarding the price of Woolworths products in Botswana.

Woolworths has recently taken over the management of the stores from the franchisee and we will be reviewing all store operations including the pricing model.

Due to the transport costs, there is a slight premium on products in Botswana. We are not aware of products that are marked up by 97% which we do find excessive. We will gladly share our future plans with you once we have reviewed the costs structure in Botswana.

Customers are assured that Woolworths is committed to offering customers quality at good value.”
Which, I suppose, is a start. At least they're responding and talking to us as a nation.

In case they want evidence of the 97% figure, here it is.

What South Africans pay.

What we pay.

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