Wednesday 7 November 2012

Has a scammer been using Google Translate?

The most awful opening email in an advance fee scam I've seen in a long time. Why don't you email "Interpol" and tell them what you think of them?
Your attention
We will by this message for you informed that during an investigation conducted on all scam them email is found in the list.
Therefore we urge you that you have been a victim of scam like all the other and also we remind you that we are the ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization) has the largest police body, Interpol to assist law enforcement agencies in each of its 187 member countries to fight against all forms of transnational crime.
Guided by four basic functions, provides high-tech Interpol's technical and operational support infrastructure to enable forces to police around the world to meet the growing challenges of crime in the 21st century.
The general Secretariat has Cotonou in Benin, is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a central point of contact for national central Bureau (NCB) in all countries to get assistance or information about cross-border investigations.
All NCBs are connected to each other and the general Secretariat to I - 24 / 7, secure INTERPOL global communication system police, which also allows law enforcement officers of the law directly to check a series of vital police databases.
INTERPOL has a system of color-coded international notices locate, stop or provide warnings about fugitives and other criminals. In 2009 alone, cooperation between INTERPOL member countries has led to more than 5,200 arrests around the world and this world meeting so we decided meter under arrest all the criminals on the net and your agreement and your help.
It means that you must we helped a meter hand on his scam artists of very high rank.
In what that you need as soon as possible put you in contact with them so that we can take them hand and getting them paid all this crime and all your money you will be reimbursed by the Government of this country or you have been scammed, and take that you are in contact with them you must keep us informed of any action and any financial action
For not offended your marital status we of ask your agreement if possible
A faith agreement please contacts the following address:
Statement to the press by the Secretary General of INTERPOL,
Mr Kouton Bernard
TEL + 22998517200

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