Friday, 28 October 2011

Consumer Alert: CIB Financial Services

Readers have received emails from a company calling itself "CIB Financial Services" offering them loans and we've been asked to check their legitimacy. Well it's simple, they're not legitimate. The email says:

CIB Financial Services is an independent financial services company that operates in South Africa with Head Office in the United Kingdom, Since its inception in 2001 CIB has provided credit and financial services to more than one million customers.CIB loan providers offers 3% interest rate to customers personal loans, car loans, home loans, business loans,insurance,Debt Consolidation loans, For Loan Applications, contact via email: with the Form (C01)below:

First Name:
Contact Address:
Cell Number:
Monthly Salary:

Warm Regards,
Brenda Adams(Mrs)
Financial Controller.
Well it's simple really. There IS no "CIB Financial Services" registered as a company in the UK. Nor is there such a company registered in South Africa. I phoned "Brenda Adams" and she couldn't give me a land line number for this "financial services company". When I pointed out that the company does actually exist she just hung up on me.

It's a scam. They are not legitimate. There's a very old English word for that I think. Bastards.

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