Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baariz HIV "cure" - scamming, cheating and lying

We received an email from a reader who asked about a so-called "herbal treatment for HIV" called Baariz. They have a web site and a Facebook group and they are, in my not-very-humble opinion, cheating, lying, verging-on-homicidal fraudsters.

This is dangerous pseudoscientific nonsense. They clearly claim that they can "cure" and that they offer "treatment success".

Of course their web site gives precisely no scientific evidence that their product work. It shows no more than some very dubious individual test results that I simply don't trust. It mentions what it claims are publications regarding their product but none of the links they give actually work. Correction: they do suggest that God or Allah might have a role to play but they're not clear how.

I can also see no actual description of what their product actually is other than it "has herbal origin" or that it is a "magic drug".

It's nonsense and no more than a money-making scheme. Also, trading in this product in Botswana would be illegal.

Peddlars of miracle cures are all scumbags but those that peddle "cures" and "treatments" for serious conditions like HIV infection and AIDS are the scumbaggiest of all.

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Gaurav A said...

Only if this was true (I mean to say if baariz really worked) it would have been the talk of the town.

People behind "baariz" pry on commoners who give into their emotions in hope of getting really cured but only to lose money.

Scamsters like these people should be sentenced because they are not only scamming but also playing with emotions of people who have this serious condition/s.