Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Pinda travel" scam

Lots of people have alerted us to this particularly stupid email recruitment scam. The email begins:
"Dear Volunteer,
Pinda is now recruiting we pay everything for you to go abroad because volunteering is free.
1. Visa 100% free
2. Ticket 100% free
3. Accommodation 100% free
All you pay is the registration acceptance fee of R250 ..."
So far, so scammy. All the usual clues. A Gmail address, no landline phone number and it's completely ridiculous. The cell number is +27 78 6716680. What a temptation! I SMSed the moron running this scam and you can see the exchange as follows:

He's a scammer. He deserves no respect. Don't give him any!

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