Sunday, 17 April 2011

Universal Degrees and Corllins University - scam

This is a transcript of an online conversation I had with "Calvin Carter" from Universal Degrees, a seller of fake degrees from a fake university with fake accreditation.
Advisor 15: Have any Questions? Speak to a Senior Advisor for more information.
Advisor 15: Hi there
Me: hi
Me: is it possible for me to get a MBA degree? i don't have any qualifications at the moment
Advisor 15: and how many years of experience
Me: i've been working for about 20 years
Advisor 15: Ok
Advisor 15: let me explain you how the program works
Advisor 15: What we do is we take down your life experience, that is your working experience and your past educational qualification, convert them into credit hours, if these credit hours are equivalent to the credit hours that are require to complete your desired degree then you qualify and we award the degrees accordingly, if you are successfully evaluated we start with the registration process registering you and your documents with the university and the  Accreditation bodies and after that we make sure that the documents are shipped out to you in the next 10 working days.
Advisor 15: So no classes, courses and no exam
Advisor 15: As i can see you are filling an application for bachelors+masters and PHD?
Me: that's right
Advisor 15: Well that is know as combination
Advisor 15: in which you will be able to earn all the 3 degrees at the same time
Advisor 15: but your bachelors and masters would be back dated
Me: all at the same time?
Advisor 15: to the same year
Advisor 15: when you were suppose to earn it
Advisor 15: So in which field you want to earn these degrees?
Me: I prefer Nursing but I wasn't sure it was possible to get them all at the same time
Advisor 15: Yes you can
Me: sorry, i didn't ask your name
Advisor 15: So when do you want me to back date the graduation year of bachelors and masters?
Advisor 15: I am Calvin Carter the senior Counselor
Me: so if i go for the combination degree i can get a Phd this year and the other degrees in the past?
Advisor 15: Yes
Advisor 15: in which year you want me to back date your bachelors and master's?
Me: 2000?
Advisor 15: which one is that for your bachelors ?
Me: yes and the masters in 2005?
Advisor 15: Ok

Advisor 15: So what is the address where you want us to deliver the documents at?
Me: how much will the combined degree cost me?
Advisor 15: ok let me tell you the total and the discounted fee
Advisor 15: The total would be $1970 without the discount
Advisor 15: and with discount it would be lowered down to $1576

Me: for all three degrees?
Advisor 15: Yes including shipping and handling
Me: just let me check, that's in Nursing, with no qualifications and no exams?
Advisor 15: Yes

Me: would that enable me to get a job in nursing, do you think?
Advisor 15: Yes 100%
Advisor 15: Corllins University degrees are generally accepted by employers across the globe as they are awarded by a recognized university which is fully accredited by top accrediting body of online education.
Advisor 15: We have thousands of satisfied graduates which include military officials, working adults, job seekers etc. and they have used their degrees effectively to get good jobs and to get promotions in their existing jobs.
Me: my postal address is [removed]
Advisor 15: Ok
Advisor 15: You will receive the following documents in your degree package:
Advisor 15: • 1 Degree
Advisor 15: • 2 Transcript
Advisor 15: • 4 Verification Letter
Advisor 15: • 1 Certificate of Distinction
Advisor 15: • 1 Certificate of Membership
Advisor 15: • 1 Award of Excellence
They're cheats, scammers and frauds.


tt said...

Ethan Myers: now since all these stampings are additional services
Ethan Myers: does have an additional fee
Ethan Myers: let me tell you the break up
Ethan Myers: 1.UAE embassy, UAE cultural ministry, USA ministry of foreign affairs, USA state department and Ms. Hillary Clinton's signature on your degrees $2300 each
Ethan Myers: 2. USA ministry of foreign affairs, USA state department and Ms. Hillary Clinton's signature on your degrees $1350 Each
Ethan Myers: if you would want to and can afford we can do these attestations for you

Anonymous said...

Corllins University is a huge scam. I just tried to get this scamming jack$?!es to give me a leggit accredited confirmation, I was sent a so called list of people who were successful with these degrees. DO NOT FALL THIS CRAP...IF IT IS EASY, IT IS A SCAM!!!