Thursday 20 November 2008

A visit from Success University

On Thursday 13th November I got to the office and found a delegation from Success University outside the office. They were very upset about the coverage we had given them in Mmegi.

Their General Manager for Southern Africa told me that our coverage was very damaging to them but curiously could not tell me anything in the article that was factually incorrect.

One item of interest was the press release from the Bank of Namibia which has described Success University as a pyramid scheme and has declared them illegal in Namibia. He told me that following his intervention this was going to be reversed.

So I called the Bank of Namibia to ask about this.

Not surprisingly the Bank of Namibia told me that this was not quite correct. They said they stand by their press release. They had received a lot of information from Success University and they will be updating their judgement but that saying it was going to be reversed was "not based on truth".

Meanwhile, we've received a deluge of emails from Success University participants. Very strangely though they all have exactly the same structure. Would this perhaps be a concerted campaign by SU?

Watch this space...

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