Thursday, 29 September 2011

FNB Phishing email

An email arrives saying:
"Attention Customer,
We have noticed that the fraudsters use new and sophisticated way to steal money from the account of FNB Customers and because of this, we have launches new security measures for all cellphone profiles to prevent them from being hacked by this fraudsters.
For this program to be effective on your profile, you are prompted to download
the attached file and follow the instructions. Note that this activation is free and compulsary and failure to do this will result in suspension of your account as FNB will not be liable if money is taken from your account.
Download the attached file to continue and do not be ignored.
Information Desk
Attached to the email is a ".mht" file, basically a saved web page that you can open on your PC. It looks like this:

Of course you KNOW not to enter any details like this, don't you? You KNOW not to open ANY links that appear to have been sent to you by a bank, don't you?

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