Saturday 11 June 2016

I've offended an "inforcer"

You can't win them all. Sometimes we please people, sometimes we delight them, other times we really piss them off.

This time it's the latter.

On 24th May this year I removed this post from our Facebook group.

My objections were:
  1. We don't permit advertisements in our Facebook group. 
  2. We certainly don't permit advertisements or endorsements for Multi-Level Marketing schemes in the group. The promises of "better lifestyle" are simply untrue, as almost everyone knows by now. Herbalife's own published figures prove that the vast majority of recruits make nothing from the scheme.
  3. We heartily object to any claims that any product can help with medical conditions such as "immune system problems" and "eating disorders". They are lies and Herbalife agree with me about that.
After removing the post I sent the person who posted it a message. I admit that I was perhaps a little short-tempered following his post. I said:
Please don't post MLM marketing nonsense and lies in the Consumer Watchdog group.
Today I got a reply. It said:
Uhu..."nonsense "?
No wonder your msg hs been filtered, u so full of yoslf and arrogant, that's not how you suppose to talk to people... I had respect for you so dont ever send me such msgs, dont cz first of all im not a thief nor a scammer,im also a law inforcer for your own information...
I can't confirm whether he is indeed "a law inforcer". Maybe he's actually a law "enforcer"? His Facebook profile suggests that he works at Central Police Station in Gaborone so maybe he should be more busy enforcing the law instead of peddling miracle cures?

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