Thursday 23 June 2016

The cops are coming to get me! Or maybe not. Green World again.

Are the cops on their way to get me?

Green World, the purveyors of Chinese herbal medicine, offer miracle cures and treatments for a variety of disorders and diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even for AIDS.

Needless to say, such advertisements are illegal in Botswana, contrary to Sections 396-399 of the Penal Code but that doesn't seem to stop their local representatives from suggesting such things.

Here's a conversation I had with one of them earlier today. I haven't edited it in any way, this is the complete conversation. Before you ask, everything I said in my messages is absolutely true. Nothing I said was a lie.
Richard: Can green world products help with heart disease? I have a heart condition.
Green World: Hello.sorry fr responding solate. Kenekesena etym. Yes we have herbal products for disorders.
Richard: For heart disease? Can it really help me get better?
Green World: Absolutely. If you are in facebook just like the page called GREEN WORLD LOBATSE. everythin is there to help you.
Richard: I have a friend with prostate cancer. Can it cure him?
Green World: Iwill advise your friend togo for scanning first cos it will show all the root cause of the problm so as to get right prescptions. Scanning is only p100.
Richard: Can you do the scanning? And can you then help him get well?
Green World: I dont do scanning bt if u need help make sure u meet me
Richard: Is the scanner at hospital?
Green World: We are having the distributors who are using the scanners so ican refer you to them ole mi client.
Richard: Are the scanners at hospital or where?
Green World: No they are independent scanners. They are in gaborone and leko kanye there is a doctor.
Richard: Can the green world products help cure the cancer?
Oh dear. This is where I was "rumbled" and my identity disclosed.
Green World: Who told u so bona if u have been sent by someone to spy on me u will soon regret fr ur smses wautlwa. Delete mi contacts now bfr u lead me into sin.
Green World: I have managed to trace ur number you are richard harriman and m going tothe police officers now.

Richard: Good luck with that!
I'll let you know if the police get in touch!

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