Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Voice - Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1


Could you please help me out to know the below mention universities and their accreditation is fake or real (for MBA)? Are they operating legally as per USA government? Hansford University and Richford University.

Requesting please confirm the above two university and their degrees are REAL or FAKE. Would you recommend the above university online MBA?

Fake. 100% fake. Both of them.

Both of these so-called “universities” (see their websites here: Hansford Richford) are nothing more than web sites pretending to be educational establishments, yet further examples of an entire industry devoted to selling fake qualifications to people who can’t be bothered to invest time and effort into getting the real thing. Over the last few years we’ve been asked about around 40 such bogus institutions and they all have one thing in common. Their bogus qualifications are obtained with nothing more than money. No exams, no coursework, no dissertations, no lecturers, no lecture halls, nothing at all apart from a web site that takes credit card payments.

I contacted both of the places you mention and had online chats with their “advisors”, asking them how quickly I could get a degree in order to get a better job. Both told me that I could get a degree, one in nursing, the other in clinical psychology, in less than two weeks. Even when I made it clear that I was completely unqualified and would get a responsible job if I had the degree they didn’t care. All they wanted was the money.

Please don’t be tempted to buy one of these fake qualifications. If you get a job, a promotion or any sort of financial benefit by buying one you’ll be committing a crime. Your employer will be entitled to fire you on the spot and call the police and your career will be in ruins. You don’t want that, do you?

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

Please help.

I bought an iPad on hire purchase from a store in January 2012. I was depending on my allowance but for some reason my allowance was cut in April and I couldn’t afford to pay them. They took their iPad and told me to write a letter to tell the manager why I can’t pay them. The iPad was in a good condition when they took it. Just yesterday I wanted to buy a bed they tell me I am blacklisted and my name is at ITC and I should pay them P2,800 and then I can be assisted. They say they kept the iPad for 3 months in their shop for me to decide whether to take it or they should sell it but they never told me that. What should I do?

I suspect you might be out of luck but we’ll see what we can do to assist.

As I’m sure you understand the store was within its rights to repossess the device after you stopped paying. If this was a hire purchase agreement then it was still the store’s property until you paid for it in full. However, did they really not tell you anything about the process? They certainly should have done.

Given that you only paid for it for a few months you still owe the outstanding balance, even though you no longer have the iPad. If the store sold the device they would have raised some money to deduct from your debt but you’ll certainly still owe them something.

We’ll get in touch with the store and see if anything can be done.

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