Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hansford "University", another fake

It's the same old story. Yet another fake university that claims it can award degrees to people who have done no work, submitted no coursework and who have sat no exams, this time calling themselves Hansford "University" .

I contacted them and said I was interested in getting a Bachelors degree in Nursing, or as they spell it, "NUSRSING".

I think you can learn all you need to know about this bogus establishment by reading the conversation I had with them. Note the point when they make it clear that I can get a degree in Nursing from them in 2 weeks with no study required despite being totally unqualified. All I need to do it give them $199.

I've removed the boring bits where "Jason Brown" explains that I can get this degree based solely on my "Prior Learning Assessment".
You are now chatting with 'Jason Brown'.
Jason Brown: hi Samuel how can i help you
[Me]: I need to get a bachelors degree in nursing as quickly as possible to get a promotion.
[Me]: How quickly can I get one?

Jason Brown: OkaY YOU CAN GET IN 2 WEEKS
[Me]: Do I need to sit any exams?
Jason Brown: No Study Require No Examination Dear
Jason Brown: Let me go ahead with the procedure
Jason Brown: It will be a normal academic degree certificate which can be used for job promotion, immigration, Visa licensing purposes, business expansion. For any whichever reason.
Jason Brown: What is your highest level of qualification?
[Me]: I have a school leaving certificate
Jason Brown: Are you currently employed?
[Me]: Yes, as a cleaner in a hospital.
Jason Brown: How much work experience do you have in total?
[Me]: 5 years as a hospital cleaner.
Jason Brown: Great
Jason Brown: How much do you earn per month in USD?
[Me]: About $500
[Me]: I want to get a promotion to be a nurse where the pay is much better.
Jason Brown: You are right my dear
Jason Brown: you earn less than you should be earning just because of the degree that you don`t have
[Me]: How much will it cost me?
Jason Brown: The standard cost of Bachelors Degree is $12000
Jason Brown: However since you've been qualified to attain a Presidential Scholarship therefore the amount has been dropped down significantly to ''ZERO''.
[Me]: It won't cost me anything at all?
Jason Brown: As you have been qualified for Presidential Scholarship that`s why the price became $0
Jason Brown: All you need to do is you need to reserve your seat
Jason Brown: All the Financial aid will be done by university
Jason Brown: Registration will be for just $199
All the other clues are there. Accreditation with bogus accreditation organisations, stock photos of people they claim are in their faculty and no physical location anywhere.

So it's clear. Hansford "university" isn't really a university, it's a bogus organisation that sells bogus degrees to bogus people.

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