Sunday, 15 December 2013

And another - Richford "university"

You know the routine by now. Fake accreditation, stock photos of smiling people who aren't really anything to do with them and degrees for no more than cash.

Richford "University" is yet another example.

Here, yet again, are edited highlights of an online chat with two of their "advisors".
You are now chatting with 'Alyson J Watkins'.
Alyson J Watkins: Hello
Alyson J Watkins: How are you today ?
[Me]: good thank you
Alyson J Watkins: You're welcome.
[Me]: i'd like to get a masters degree in clinical psychology. how long would that take?
Alyson J Watkins: Just one year.
Alyson J Watkins: From which University have you completed your Bachelors ?
[Me]: i got an online bachelors degree in psychology
[Me]: i need to get the masters as quickly as possible so i can get a promotion.
[Me]: how quickly can i get it?
Alyson J Watkins: As soon as you wish to get it
[Me]: but how long does it take to study?
Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Jerry Mackay'.
You are now chatting with 'Jerry Mackay'.
Jerry Mackay: hello Rebecca !
[Me]: i just need to know how quickly i could get a masters degree
Jerry Mackay: Duration - Approx. Program Completion Time is less than 1 years time !
Jerry Mackay: How ever it depends on your speed and your pace
Jerry Mackay: How soon you wish to complete it
[Me]: they will advertise a job in january
Jerry Mackay: can you tell me a little bit about your work experience ?
[Me]: i've been working in another hospital for 15 years in administration
[Me]: is there any way do you think i can get it by the middle of january?
Jerry Mackay: yes
Jerry Mackay: you can
Jerry Mackay: there is a possibility
Jerry Mackay: I can offer you a FAST TRACK program
Jerry Mackay: where you just need to complete the assessments and get your Master's Degree in couple of days time !
Jerry Mackay: Great !
Jerry Mackay: so let me go ahead and get you started !
[Me]: how much will this cost me?
Jerry Mackay: Total fee $15000
Jerry Mackay: Enrollment $499
Jerry Mackay: But
Jerry Mackay: I have one Scholarship Offer for you !
Jerry Mackay: Pay $1700 in one shot payment and the rest of the money will be covered by the Scholarship Offer !
Jerry Mackay: No more money will be required from your side later on
Jerry Mackay: and you will be paid in full for the complete Degree
Is that clear enough? I can get a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology where I might be dealing with people in dire need of professional help without any experience or learning at all?

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