Sunday, 28 April 2013

Northern Port "University" is back. Still a scam.

Someone contacted us asking about Northern Port "University". He asked:
I am really interested to know if this Northern Port University is fake or not and I want to know if it is how can I claim them and get back my money. Thanks a lot.
Northern Port is part of the Organization for Global Learning Education, a scam organisation started by a crook in Pakistan called Salem Kureshi. The fake establishments in Kureshi’s bogus empire also include “universities” calling themselves Belford, Panworld, Headway, Corllins, Ashwood, Rochville, MUST, OLWA and McFord.

I contacted Northern Port University on the web and had the following chat with them.
You are now chatting with 'Max Pine'
Max Pine: Hi there
Richard: Hi
Max Pine: How are you doing Richard ?
Richard: Good thanks.
Max Pine: How may I assist you today ?
Richard: I currently have a Bachelors degree in Psychology. How quickly can I get a Masters degree?
Max Pine: If you go for PLA program you can earn a degree in 15 days time !
Richard: What is PLA?
Max Pine: Let me tell you how this program works
Max Pine: PLA ( Prior Learning Assessment )  is based on your prior experience, previous academic background, and the achievements that you have in the field till day, taking your past experiences into consideration we will convert your working hours into the college credits and that's how we will award you with the degree, without having you attend any necessarily courses or classes online.
Richard: I've been working for 25 years.
Max Pine: Perfect !
Max Pine: we can award you a degree on basis of your work & life experience!
Richard: Wonderful! Do I need to send you my Bachelors degree certificate?
Max Pine: what purpose you want to get a degree for ?
Richard: To get a better job.
Max Pine: better job employment ? or further education ?
Max Pine: perfect !
Max Pine: I will be needing some details so we can proceed further !
Max Pine: 1. Full Name.
Max Pine: 2. Date of Birth. ( month / date / year )
Max Pine: 3. Contact Number.
Max Pine: 4. Alternative Number.
Max Pine: 5. Email address.
Max Pine: 6. Desired Package. (degree) in (major).
Max Pine: 7. Nationality.
Max Pine: 8. Complete Shipping Address (Physical Address).
Richard: How much will this cost?
Max Pine: with shipping and handling $250.00 includes all your tax & expenses !
Richard: That's very cheap!
Max Pine: should we proceed ?
Richard: So I don't have to sit any exams or do any coursework?
Max Pine: no you don't !
Max Pine: degree will be awarded you on basis of your work & life experience !
Richard: Where is Northern Port University based?
Max Pine: Standard fee is $598.00 but there is presidential scholarship discount available & your fee is dropping down !
Max Pine: Its an online University !
Max Pine: our administration office is located in Port Clinton Ohio !
Does that tell you everything you need to know?

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