Friday, 19 April 2013

Letshego have slipped up.

Our good friends at Letshego have a new service.

Their advertisement in The Voice today says:
"Letshego now finances UK imported cars through approved dealers. All you have to do is identify the car you want through our approved dealers, bring a proforma invoice, apply for a Letshego Motor Vehicle Loan, and we will handle the rest"
Let's ignore the fact that buying a car like this is incredibly risky.

No, let's not.

You're buying a car you've never touched, never sat in and never test-driven. A car you pay for up-front and for which you get NO GUARANTEE of quality or suitability.

So who exactly are these "approved dealers"?

We called Letshego this afternoon and asked which dealers we can use.
"Only Trans Africa."
Would that be Trans Africa Vehicle Exports, who are currently represented in Botswana by "Westridge Holdings"? The company whose representative here lies to customers? The same company who promises refunds to his customers when he's delivered THE WRONG CAR and lies when he does so? The same company that stalls, prevaricates and LIES?

So far we've heard from five different customers who've been abused by Westridge Holdings. They simply can't be trusted.

Letshego needs to reconsider.

P.S. Trans Africa Vehicle Exports IS a registered company in the UK, Company No. 08051174, registered at 26 Cliffe Park Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This is that address.

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