Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Voice - Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

Please I need your help, a private legal outfit has been identified to pursue my case since 2009 by one of the legal cover firms locally. After initially declaring interest in the garage defendant and asking me to seek service elsewhere I choose not to as I thought the lawyers were honest and had no grounds to not trust them. But now after more than 3 failures to physically represent me and explain what delays my case from closure am at my wits end despite my numerous complaint with the legal cover firm to rein in its representative. Whilst I have maintained my cover installments I’m not getting the service I have been promised by the legal cover company

Can u please assist what I should do.

I’m not sure how this could have happened. You say that the law firm declared an interest in the garage you wanted to take action against? Just so readers understand, that means that at some point in the past, or perhaps even now, they have a relationship with the garage. Maybe they represented the garage in the past, it might mean that the attorney is a friend or even a relative of the garage owner.

If this is correct, how did they agree to represent you when you persuaded them? Either they had a conflict of interest or they didn’t. I think you have a right to know exactly what the relationship is.

Furthermore you have a right to expect a decent service from them. You also have a right to expect a service from the legal cover company, they’re the ones you may money to every month. They’re the ones who should be ensuring that you get a decent service.

I think you should write to the legal cover company and demand some action from them. Give them perhaps 14 days to ensure action is taken or you’ll take action against them!

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

Tuesday after work my house was soaked in water, including my sofas, TV stand and TV. The TV stand is starting to crack and the TV is showing some lines. The person who was fixing the geyser now said it didn’t have an overflow pipe and water was accumulating in the celling. In December it was fixed because it was dripping and the electricity when you switch it on, the main plug will go off.

The house was given to me towards the end of year 2011 at work. The TV stand and TV are on hire purchase, I bought them in November. Please help me what should I do, keep the damaged goods? Or should I go back to the company which was fixing or should I go to my work place or to where I bought the goods. I want to know who should be responsible for the damaged goods?

This sounds complicated. First question. Do you have household insurance? If you do that will probably cover the cost of your losses. If not, then get some tomorrow in case this happens again.

Are you renting the house? If so it’s possible that the landlord might have some responsibility for permanent fixtures like the geyser. It’s also possible that the person fixing the geyser might have some responsibility if he was meant to install an overflow pipe.

However I would first speak to the store from which you bought the TV and TV stand. There might have been an insurance scheme associated with your purchases that covers the loss. It’s worth calling them to find out.

The lesson is that household insurance is worth every thebe you spend. It might not seem worth it every day but you’ll suddenly realize how valuable it is the day something like this happens!

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