Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More fraud from "Corllins University"

This is the online conversation I had with "Corllins University", a well-known fake university, earlier today. This is when they offered me Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees, all in Nursing, a subject in which I am wholly unqualified. A subject in which it is dangerous, reckless and criminal to offer degrees to unqualified people, I'm sure you'll agree.
Danny Johnson: What is your last Education Level?
[Me]: i don't have any degrees yet
[Me]: but i was told by one of your advisors that i could get a bachelors, masters and doctorate all at once
Danny Johnson: D you've completed your High School Diploma?
[Me]: yes
Danny Johnson: Yes, you can.
[Me]: and i can choose which subject?
Danny Johnson: In which field you have your working experience?
[Me]: i've worked in health and i thought nursing would be a good subject
Danny Johnson: Yes.
[Me]: so that's possible?
Danny Johnson: Yes It is. You can also proceed with the programs one by one as well.
[Me]: what do i need to do?
Danny Johnson: You're application for all three program is completed and all we have to do is to process your registration to have your Documents shipped up to you.
[Me]: ok, that's wonderful
[Me]: how much will this cost me?
Danny Johnson: Well, If you can have all three of them processed within this week so your total fee for all three of the program would only be $948.00 (Including Shipping and Handling)
[Me]: and will they all have the same year?
Danny Johnson: No not at all.
[Me]: which years will they have?
Danny Johnson: They will surely have different years on it.
[Me]: which years will they be?
Danny Johnson: Please wait let me show you.
Danny Johnson: Am giving you your application preview so that you can view your application.
Danny Johnson: Make sure the fee that your going to see on your application preview is the actual fee, But your fee is $948.00 which will be adjusted once your fee is processed.
I was then sent an "application preview" from "Universal Degrees" that contained a number of interesting elements. Here are my three potential degrees in Nursing.
As promised they've offered to adjust the years I got the degrees to make the whole thing seem more believable.
All that's left for me to do is hand over the cash:

Surely this is perfectly simple to understand. Corllins University is a criminal scam operated by criminals. The only people lower in my estimation are the frauds who buy their degrees!

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