Sunday, 15 April 2012

NorthCentral University - can they be trusted?

A member of the Facebook groups asks:
"I've been looking for a school to advance my education level and not lose my job. So i just found 100% online university, Northcentral University but i suspect it might be a scam because they do not have a physical campus, yet their school appears to be accredited on U.S univerities by state at:
Are they real or fake just like most of US online universities?"
Well, they ARE accredited, but I'm not sure if this makes a difference in their case.

NorthCentral University is described by Wikipedia as "a private, for-profit, accredited university based in Prescott Valley, Arizona, that offers distance education".

While they appear to be legitimate I would be more concerned about the quality of the service they offer.

To begin with I would have concerns about their financial status. As you can see here they were not considered financially sound in 2009-10.

Then there are the complaints about them by their own students. I count 19 different complaints between 2008 and 2012 on the Ripoff Reports site. There are 181 reviews on the Online Degree Reviews site. They are very mixed. Too many of them are dreadful in my view. There are also various bad reports elsewhere like this one on Scam Informer. It's not alone.

Personally I would steer clear!

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