Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Angry about store security?

An angry email comes in from a reader who has had enough of being searched by store security staff.
"This is to raise complaint that is almost treated legal in Botswana and I personally think it is disturbing and a violation to customer rights. I don’t know how often this happens because I have seen it again at various stores where customer’s handbags are searched by the exit door. You know it is touching the way Batswana nicely present their bags for searching without questioning or anything.

People is this right? Do we have to be searched when we leave shops? When are these people going to learn what they SHOULD and SHOULDN’T DO to customers? Can’t they see to it that they re-enforce their security rather than violate our rights?

Please deal with the store I mentioned because when I questioned it was like I am being impossible and everybody that came after me didn’t have a problem with their handbags searched.

Thank you so much once more for the provision of your organization and looking forward resolving this unbearable situation."
This is what I wrote in a column in The Voice last year:
"I don't know of any law that specifically covers this but I suspect what they are doing IS perfectly legal.

You have to remember that shops are private property and permission to enter is at the discretion of the management. While you are in the store they are entitled to monitor your behaviour, particularly given the level of shop-lifting that occurs these days.

However, I DO think there are ways of dealing with this that explain the situation to customers and that don't cause unnecessary offence. In the past I've personally had arguments with security guards when I've refused to leave my laptop in it's rucksack with them. On one occasion a couple of years ago I was so angry I just walked out of a bookstore at Riverwalk when this happened and I haven't bought anything from that store since.

I'm sure it's possible for a store to put up a sign at the entrance that politely explains the need for security and perhaps even for the need for bag checks and also to train the guards sufficiently that they don't cause massive offence. Surely it can't be that difficult?"

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Anonymous said...

I also dont understand why we should be harrassed after we have parted with our hard earned cash to enrich this people.I really hate it too and I am a motswana. I avoid this type of shops like the plaque. If u go to the same shops in Centurion you wont be subjected to this type of treatment.