Saturday 30 April 2022

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Why can't they help me?

Good afternoon Sir. I am desperately in need of your help. My husband purchased building supplies from a company, We took part of the goods and lost the receipt before getting the rest. Now the remaining goods are at their warehouse bearing my husband's name and they are refusing to assist us. We even made a police affidavit but they are refusing to give us our goods.

They told me that they cannot retrieve the copy from the system and there is no way they can help. Yesterday I went there and pleaded with their manager and he said I have to buy again.

They're lying to you. Or maybe they're stupid. Or both. Either way they shouldn't be in business.

I really do understand that companies like their customers to keep receipts. It's often the easiest way for a company to prove that the person presenting the receipt is the person who paid for the goods. That's easy to understand. However, there are several problems with this obsession with keeping receipts. Firstly, some of them fade. I'm sure we've all seen this. You find an old receipt and it's now completely blank. It's something to do with the printing technology some stores use, only a few weeks after it's printed the ink has completely disappeared.

Then there's the more human issue. People lose things. I always carry the last few receipts I've been given but it's unreasonable for a store to expect me to still have a receipt I was given months ago. I've either lost it or put it somewhere and completely forgotten it. In your situation it's much simpler. You have an affidavit swearing that you are telling the truth. That should be more than enough for anyone.

Most importantly, it's 2022. Any reputable, major supplier that is relying on paper receipts for their business records shouldn't be in business. We live in the 21st century and records should now be computerised. They should be stored in a computer system that is regularly backed up and which can be searched when a customer like you doesn't have their receipt any longer.

I've emailed this supplier twice with your story and I'm not planning on giving up. If they continue to refuse to cooperate, they should ask themselves if they want to ruin their reputation by continuing to be so unhelpful?

Have I been scammed?

I need your advice. Is Binance trading a scam or not? I was referred to them by an old friend. I started with P4000 then made a profit of P20k and was told to upgrade the account to classic which I did by another P15k. The money kept on increasing to $190000 and there was a trader who was an expert trading on my behalf.

The reason I got suspicious is that when they are about to transfer the money into my account they told me to pay them. I told them to deduct from the accumulated profits and give me the change but they told me it's against their company policy.

What opened my eyes was the huge amount they want. When I tell them they should pay the whole lot and I pay them back after receiving my profit that's where the problem is. I need your advice.

You are being scammed. The good news is that you are naturally skeptical and asked the question that always identifies a scam. If you have really made so much money from this scheme, surely they could take their fees from your profits before paying you the balance? Why do they need even more money from you?

Here's a critical point. Binance is a legitimate exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but this scheme has nothing to do with Binance. Your money has gone to someone else who is pretending to report these fantastic profits. The sad news is that the money you've already given them is gone forever, never to be seen again.

It might not seem like it right now but you were lucky to realise early that this was a scam as early as you did. I've heard from many people who gave scammers more and more money and ended up in desperate situations. You are one of the lucky ones.

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