Saturday 9 April 2022

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Where's my laptop?

On 12th February I bought a laptop that cost me P4,000 from a store at Riverwalk. I'm a final year student at UB so I particularly needed it for dissertations and other crucial assessments.

Turns out the laptop had a fault that when picked up from a certain position it would show static on the screen and freeze. Once I realised this, I took it back to them. That was this week on Tuesday the 29th March

I explained my situation to a man whom I was told was the branch manager, and he told me it had to be taken to their technician and that after the tech's assessment is when it will either be repaired or refunded. He said this could take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. I explained to him that it was a very crucial time in our semester and that no access to a laptop would affect me greatly, and so i requested a temporary replacement, a quick refund or at least for the process be put on high priority. This "manager" assured me there was nothing he could do to assist me. Even though I demonstrated the issue and even his colleagues agreed it was a manufacturing error.

Disappointed, I appealed to any higher authority to assist me and I was directed to a man who was more sympathetic and assured me he would update me on the progress the next day (being Wednesday 30th March). He has not responded to me, the number he gave me is not answering calls, and I have work due that 95% of is on that laptop.

I feel very pained because the purpose of why I bought the laptop is now defeated. Is there any authority I can take this further to?

The Consumer Protection Act is very well written and very simple to understand. For example, Section 14 (1) of the Act says that when
"a supplier undertakes to perform any services for or on behalf of a consumer, the consumer has a right to … timely performance and completion of those services". 
It doesn't say that a supplier can take "1 day to 1 month", it says "timely".

Yes, the store does have the right to try to repair a faulty item before they replace it or refund the customer but they must do this reasonably quickly.

You have waited long enough. I contacted the store and they're looking into the situation.

Update: The store customer said, "I called the customer care contact number, and after a lot of holding I was told they tested it and its fine but they want to test it again to make sure so maybe sometime this week".

I'm still not happy. "Maybe sometimes this week" isn't good enough. But let's see what happens?

Why can't they cancel my policy?

I am kindly asking for your assistance. I cancelled my funeral policy on the 27th October 2021 and the confirmation letter stated that it will effect on the 1st November 2021 but still they have been deducting money from my account ever since date of cancellation. Which means they deducted money for the following months: November, December, January and February. On the 3rd February I called them and was given an email account of someone who then said that they will refund me in 2-3 working days. I waited for more than 7 days and still the money was not credited into my account. On the 21st March I went to their offices still requesting for refund and they promised to pay me in 2-3 working days.

P160.80 was credited into my account but that money is for only 1 month, i tried calling their number for clarity and they are unreachable.

It looks like this is another company that doesn't understand what "timely" means.

It also seems like they don't have internal systems that can cope with everyday events like someone cancelling their policy. Surely this must happen all the time. Surely it can't be that complicated for the person who receives the cancellation to alert the correct colleague and then make thing happen? I'm sure we would all understand if the cancellation didn't happen the same month, but I can't see why it would take longer than a week to make the change.

Update: I contacted the company and they promised to sort it out.

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