Sunday 17 May 2015

Will I be joining WorldVentures? No.

No, despite the efforts of someone on Facebook trying to recruit me, I won't be joining this particular pyramid scheme. Or any other.

Even though there no chance of me joining this pyramid scheme it's interesting to see the language they use when trying to recruit people and their reluctance to admit which company they're actually selling. In comes a message on Facebook.
Morning Richard, I trust that you are well and thank you for accepting my invite as well as adding me to your network. I would also like to share a concept that I am currently busy with; this concept is a combination of patented travel technology, a foundation endorsed by OPRAH WINFREY, as well as a financial growth option using a business model that has been endorsed by Mr.Donald Trump. If this does interest you and you would like to increase your financial portfolio as well as make more memories in 2015, you welcome message me and we can discuss further.
Looking forward to your response.
Kind Regards
Mr. Heeran Manilal
I asked him to tell me more.
Morning, I am glad that this interests you but before we go any further regarding this concept, I would like to know if you are the type of individual that are self-driven, has amazing leadership qualities but most of all, loves to travel and have fun.
My reason for the above requirements is that I would like to team up with you and expand this concept in Botswana as well as on a global scale. So basically I am looking to pioneer this concept with a selected group of individuals who share the same dream and desire to achieve a lifestyle that allows one to truly live instead of just existing. Seeing that you are a business man, the leadership and entrepreneurial qualities is a must and I am sure that you will see the amazing potential of such a platform.
Due to the nature of this concept being 100% visual which is impossible to explain in any other way except via a meeting or a link, I will however give you a brief explanation that will assist you in formulating an idea of this concept. The concept is solely technology based and it is tapped entirely into the largest industry in the world which is travel, this technology provides unmatched benefits in the travel industry via a networking growth system and via this kind of system, the concept is built on a sustainable platform, this system also provides an optional business platform should that interest you. The concept is the world’s 1st to embrace a free optional volunteerism foundation on a global scale and has been featured by the queen of giving back, OPRAH WINFREY as well as SABC new is South Africa.
Kindly provide your email address as well as contact number so we can schedule a meeting or proceed with the info.
Looking forward to your response.
Kind Regards.
Mr. Heeran Manilal
426 words so far but not a single clue as to the type or even name of the business he's selling.

Eventually he admitted it.
Richard Harriman: But what actually IS the business?
Heeran Manilal: Do you have a laptop or pc to view the business model via my website?
Richard Harriman: Yes, but what actually IS the business? Does it have a name?
Heeran Manilal: The company name is worldventures. Have you herd of us?
Why the secrecy? Is it because WorldVentures is actually a pyramid scheme that has been declared illegal in Norway? Is it because they have something to hide?

Also. for the record, WorldVentures has never been "endorsed" by Oprah Winfrey. The only connection is that there was once an article in her magazine about a glass recycling project that was apparently funded by WorldVentures. That is NOT the same thing.

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