Saturday 4 October 2014

The Voice - Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

(We received two emails from two different people at roughly the same time.)

Message 1. “Last year I got married and had asked one lady who is a photographer to take pictures of my most joyous day but to this date I have not received my photos despite having asked her to provide them. How can consumer watchdog assist me?”

Message 2. “I got married last year and engaged a young lady to be our photographer. She indicated for P3,000, I would get a wall watch with a photo of my husband and I, an A3 Framed Photo, a glossy magazine type of album, a CD with all my pictures from that day. She said she needed a deposit of P1,500 before the day and balance payable on delivery of the above stated. She came on the day, took pictures and promised that I would have my goods in 3 weeks but its been exactly 11 months since I have engaged her and she has not given me my photos. I have called her, even resorted to threatening her with going to court, but it does not seem to work. She has postponed delivery of my goods over and over again. I am about to celebrate my first anniversary without any memorabilia my wedding day, save the pictures we got from people who had them on their phones. It pains me. I therefore seek your advice on how to handle this.”

Guess what? It turns out that both ladies are complaining about exactly the same person. The same photographer has abused them both.

I really don’t understand what it is with the wedding industry. Why are so many of them so untrustworthy, incompetent and useless? I don’t think it’s too much to ask that for such special occasions there should be a higher level of commitment and service. If you buy a cellphone that doesn’t work you can always get a replacement or a repair. With wedding services you can’t just have your wedding again. Surely you have a right to expect everyone concerned with your special occasion to be completely reliable?

I’ve tried contacting this photographer but she doesn’t seem to want to assist. Does she want to be named as well? Is that how she really wants to start her photography career?

Check our blog and Facebook group for updates about her as well!

Update: The photographer finally got in touch with us and said:

We'll let you know if she keeps her word.

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

Two months back, around the 4th of July I contacted a lady who happens to order products online and operates through a certain Facebook page. So what happened is that I had gone through the page and was interested in certain shoes. So I placed my order with her and then paid P1,000 straight to her bank account via cell phone banking. I was told the shoes usually take a minimum of 22 days to arrive, latest 30 days.

However its almost 3 months now and I still haven't got my shoes or my money back. I have contacted her several times. I think she takes me for granted as she usually ignores some of my follow up texts. She keeps on insisting I should be patient. The thing is I have actually ran out of patience now and would like to take serious measures against her. So guys what I need now is the advice on the way forward.

It’s always important to give people a chance to fix a problem. When she told you that the shoes would be delivered within 22, or perhaps even 30 days, that’s what you had a right to expect. However, sometimes things go wrong, often things entirely beyond a supplier’s control. Who knows, it might be her supplier or her shipping company letting her down. It could have been a number of things so you were right to give her a chance. However there should be limits to your patience. Twelve weeks is way too long to wait and you are perfectly entitled to want to take action.

The time has come to get a refund of all your money. I contacted the lady and she sent me a text message saying “The refund will be sent on Friday”. So, as you’re reading this, you should have your money back.

However if you haven’t I’ll have no problem naming her. Check our blog or Facebook group to see whether she kept her word.

Update: Guess what? This is another repeat offender. This is the same lady who featured on 12th September with an almost identical story.

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