Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I've irritated someone - is it Raeford "University"?

It seems I've made someone's life difficult.

But I don't care, because I think I know who they are and they deserve it.

[This first happened a few months ago but I think it's worth repeating now that it's happened again.]

Today someone tried to post a comment to this recent post about the fake "Raeford University", another of those bogus establishments that sell degrees to anyone with spare cash and the willingness to lie about getting a degree.

The comment they tried to post was a link to another blog site, imaginatively called "Truth About Richard Hariman". This blog was set up in February this year, presumably by the defenders to the fake university industry, perhaps even the same people who set up a web site of a fictitious law firm to threaten us.

The only post on this blog says:
"Richard Hariman is a paid blogger. Who gets paid to publish and create different sort of blogs just to defame organizations. He charges $2000 for this service. His aim is just to confuse consumers to get the good and real things and education. Kindly do not publish his blogs and believe on him. He is a big big big liar."

For the record, I don't get paid to blog by anyone although we are signed up for Google Adsense so we get a truly minuscule income if people click on the ads that appear alongside the blog posts.

What this shows is that we're getting through to them. The fake qualifications industry is on the run. Which is exactly where they should be.

Finally if any multinational company with too much money would like to pay me $2,000 for each blog post then please get in touch. I'll take the money.

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