Sunday, 3 November 2013

McKinley "University" - yet another fake

McKinley "University" is the latest pedlar of fake qualifications that I've seen.

All the clues you need can be seen in the following transcript of a conversation "I" had with them earlier today. I've made a few observations of things that I thought were curious during the chat.
You are now chatting with 'Jim Wilson'.
Jim Wilson: Hello there
Jim Wilson: how may i help you ?
[Me]: Hi. I saw an email from you and wondered how quickly I can get a higher degree in Psychology.
Jim Wilson: what is your highest level of education ?
[Me]: I have a Bachelors degree from the UK and a Masters from Rochville University.
[Me]: I wanted to get a doctorate.
Jim Wilson: alright , are you working ?
[Me]: Yes
Jim Wilson: how many years of working experience do you have ?
[Me]: 25
Jim Wilson: in which field ?
[Me]: I work for the Government of Botswana
Jim Wilson: In which major your have completed your Masters degree ?
[Me]: Psychology
Jim Wilson: you want doctorate in same major ?
[Me]: Yes, that's the plan, I want to apply to be the Head of the Child Psychology Department of a local hospital and for that I need a doctorate in Psychology.
Note that clearly I've explained that I want the degree to get a job working with children with psychological problems. He knows that his "university" will be abetting the employment of an unqualified person to treat children.
Jim Wilson: I would also like to explain you about how we Transform your Past Experience in to College Credits. This program is more often known as Prior Learning Assessment
Jim Wilson: With Baytown University, you can get a degree based on your Work experience. The PLA program is designed to convert work experience of a working-adult into credit hrs and based on that the applicant is granted a degree.
Note that he doesn't even know which fake "university" he's selling today.
[Me]: Baytown University? I thought I was talking to McKinley University?
Jim Wilson: Sorry Mckinley University
Jim Wilson: Prior Learning Assessment Program is a program designed for people who have shown excellence in their field of work with outstanding skills, intellect and knowledge. Under the PLA Program at Mckinley University individuals are awarded with academic credentials based upon their professional profile. A PLA degree recognizes prior life experiences /or achievements of an individual accomplished outside the traditional academic environment training programs and workshops serving in the military, studying independently,
[Me]: So does that mean I don't have to study for the degree?
Jim Wilson: The degree is a standard degree and attested with the US State Department and can be used toward employment or higher studies. The degree does not say that was granted on the basis of working experience or whatnot. If you get approved for the degree you will receive 10 documents (including Transcripts) in mail through DHL.
Note that he repeats that this fake "degree" can be used "toward employment or higher studies". He also implies that they hide the fact that the degree was based on "the basis of working experience or whatnot"
[Me]: How can I tell if I qualify for the doctorate?
Jim Wilson: We required 15 years of working experience and you already have 25 years
Jim Wilson: that is making you qualify to get your doctorate degree
[Me]: What does this degree cost?
Jim Wilson: $1499
Also note that language slip-up. "that is making you qualify to get your doctorate degree". Does that sound like a "Jim Wilson" to you? "that is making you qualify"? Doesn't that have a hint of the Indian sub-continent to you?

And in closing...
Jim Wilson: are you ready to get enrolled ?
[Me]: No
[Me]: Fake degrees aren't my thing
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
Yet another fake.

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