Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The "Profitable Sunrise" Ponzi scheme - the Brits have been warned

A few weeks ago I mentioned "Profitable Sunrise" which I described as "yet another Ponzi scheme".
They made the usual Ponzi scheme claims of miraculous profits, in their case "2.15% daily" as well as paying "5% on your referrals".

Apat from the terrible graphics, their English and typing was, well, poor.
"You are Invited to Join: ProSun-PRI.VATE INVESTMENT PLAN Pri.vate Plan GROUP of Non-Profits,Charities, and Churches),
Changing lives together: We Believe in a Better Living Every Day. As a Non-Profit within the Christian Community, the we shares our Resources to Work to Rebuild the American Dream,One Day at a Time!"
It turns out that  the UK's Financial Services Authority has also noticed them and has alerted the British public to them.

Thanks to Patrick Pretty's site for the alert.

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