Tuesday, 19 March 2013

"Empower Network" - Yet another Get Rich Quick Scheme

"Empower Network" is making noise around the Internet, most notably on Facebook, doing it's best to recruit more and more victims. Their sales pitch suggests that using their scheme, which you have to pay to join of course, will allow you to make a fortune from blogging. Quite how is not made clear unless you dig deep.

A few things.

With any scheme that promises to give you the secret to make vast amounts of money you have to ask yourself this: Why are they sharing this with me instead of just making lots of money themselves?

While they have a link on their web site entitled "Products" all they do is talk in very general terms about "a blog system that sucks up cash for me 24 hours a day in ANY program I'm involved with". It doesn't get any more specific than that. Is this perhaps yet another pyramid scheme?

Then there are the minor issues.

Their Headquarters in the US is at 146 Second Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 which is actually the "Palais Royale" which describes itself as offering "Commercial Offices, Serviced Executive Suites, Conference Rooms and Virtual Offices".

They also give an address in the UK, "66-68 High Road, Bushey Heath, Herts WD23 1GG". This is that address, courtesy of Google Street View.

This is not exactly impressive given that this is just an accommodation address, used by an untold number of companies. A Google search for the exact address finds more than 4 million hits, covering an enormous range of companies including internet service providers, dodgy immigration companies, suspicious investment companies and even a few companies selling webcam-based sexual encounters.

But you can't judge a company by it's cohabits, can you?

Best of all you find that Empower Network are happy to endorse obvious Ponzi scheme like "Oil of Asia".

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Kasey Chang said...

Two observations:

1) The UK address is "OpenAEuropeanCompany.com"


A virtual company registrar

2) Empower Network sells two things: a blogging platform where you PAY THEM money to blog (instead of they pay you for your content that made their website relevant), and also you can pay the founders for special video lessons, and if you pay a lot, PERSONAL workshops where they teach you how they made money (by convincing other people to pay them for stuff they can get for free)

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